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I am writing for my husband, Bruce Morrow. We came across your site when we were looking into family history. Bruce's grandfather was born in Kirkcolm in 1881. His name was James Morrow (father, William Morrow and mother, Margaret Kyle.) He left in about 1907 for Yakima, Washington state in the United States. There he joined his sister Jane/Jennie Morrow Rennie who had also left Kirkcolm with the John Rennie family about the turn of the last century. Eventually, two more Morrow brothers (Addie and William) left Scotland for the state of Washington. The Rennie and Morrow families were sheep herders, along with many others from Scotland. We visited Kirkcolm for an afternoon ten years ago and are determined to come back for more time. I have looked at records online and have been able to locate my husband's family in the Wigtownshire area for many generations. It must have been very difficult for his grandfather to leave Scotland and his family home. My father-in-law commented that his father just didn't talk about it. Perhaps too hurtful to discuss. 

We were looking at your church website and found much to our surprise Bruce's great uncle, William Morrow had died in WWI. We did not know this. Then we found the photo of the gravestone with a detailed inscription for the family. Of course, when we visited, we missed this history. But the photo is obscured by the lichens or time, and we cannot make out all the information. Would it be possible to get someone to transcribe the letters for us? In about two years, we would like to come to Kirkcolm with as much information as possible. We also believe that there was a brother, Samuel Morrow and a sister, Elizabeth Morrow ? who remained in the area of Kirkcolm or Stranraer. That was long ago, but one never knows who may have an interest in meeting a far away cousin. My heritage is also from Scotland, but lost over time.    We are not in a hurry, but if someone could catch a dry day to locate the stone and help us with the inscription, that would be wonderful. And if someone is interested in the Morrow family that left Kirkcolm, let them know we are here. 

Thank you so much, 

Molly Morrow - Molly McLucas Stuart Morrow (: Yes, a wee bit of Scotland there)
and Bruce James Morrow

Portland, Oregon

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Joan McColl  says...

Greetings From Australia.

My great great Grandfather,s sister was burid in one of the graves in Ervie/Kirkcolm hurchyard, as are her son John Kennedy and daughter Agnes.  In an adjacent grave is her daughter Jeanie, and in yet another is John Wither one of her grandsons.  They were all from Knocktimm farm.  Charles Kennedy and his wife Mary McMillan ( were at Glegyre- name of a property here also) and son and daughter are memorialised in another grave with a stone.  I got this information from a book of memorial inscripions from Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society.  i am at a stage in my life where I have a bit of space to spend reflecting on my family.  I began with memories of a visit with my parents to South Australia when I was very young and we visited Kerr's farm there.  At the start of my investigations I had no idea of where Kirkcolm was or the signioficance of it to my family and background. I married a farmer with a Scotish background and have lived in rural Victoria now for 44 years. I had no idea about how much genetic background I had in Scotish agriculture.  We have had a Red Angus stud for the last 12 years.

I have a letter which was written in 1845 by William Kennedy who was the husband of Jean Kennedy (nee Kerr) to my great great grandfather Stair Kerr.  There is a lot of gossip in this letter relating to Kirkcolm village people. I wonder if you would like a copy of it for people to read, and maybe respond to.  I have started writing the Kerr family's story and would appreciate any feedback.

I was a Sunday school teacher at the Cheltenham (a Melbourn suburb ) St Columba's Pioneers memorial church for a few years before I was married.  The Kerr's were involved with Presbyterian churches in America where six of the family of fourteen went and two came to Austrlia and were involved in the nonconformist churches here.

I have been curious all my life about the name Stair in relation to our family.  My brother and nephew have Stair as a middle name and it has followed through all branches of the family, although the name Kerr has died out as a surname.  I have been able to find no real clues as to why this name became so important to the family.


Joan McColl

93 Morgans Outlet  Rd                                                                                                 Narracan                                                                                                                     Victoria   Australia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



I have joined the church site and noticed your e-mail address which includes the name Kirminnoch.  My great great great grandfather, Stair Kerr and his wife Jannet Wither were listed as the farmer and wife there in 1841 census, which was held not long before he and his wife and last two children who were at home left foe America.                         His granddaughters - two sisters of my great grand mother lived in a house in Adelaide, Australia, which was named "Kermenach" - although it would have been only a name to them which they had odviously heard with affection.  Stair kerr seniior's son Stair Kerr also and his wife, Margaret McCredie came to Australia in 1840. I hope you don't mind me writing to you, but I have been thinking a lot about Kirkcolm and my family as I am writing up the kerr family story, and that is how I came aceoss the church web site.  I am sure Kirminnoch and Kirkcolm would be quite different in 2008

Sincerely                                                                                                                     Joan McColl

I have sent Joan a couple of photos of kirminnoch farm and cottages,I am looking forward to seeing the letter she has of Kirkolm folk.


Here is the letter & other information from Joan that she spoke off.  "Any Comments" 




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