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Village History & Activities 



Kirkcolm has been in existence since the 1780s and at one time was known as Stewarton.  However a village has been on this site since 1623 known as Burgh of Barony, surrounded on three sides by water, to the north and west by the Irish  Sea and Loch Ryan to the east.  Leswalt parish is to the south.                                                                An old map can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

In the early days of the village it was known for having the best Black Galloway cattle in the Rhins, and the women had a home industry of muslin embroidery. Fishing was for salmon, herring and also oysters in Loch Ryan. There exists a letter from Julius Caesar that Loch Ryan oysters are the best in the world. Farming was the main industry.

More up to-date history: Sunderland flying boats of RAF Coastal Command were based in the deep waters at the Wig off Marion Point, giving air cover to WW2 convoys.

Today, in 2014, the village has spread a bit, but the main industry is still farming, some fishing still goes on, but  that is now more for recreation.  Oysters are still farmed,    (if thats the right word), in Loch Ryan.

Kircolm Community Council

 Chairman.. Mr Ian Morral. Craigholm Kirkcolm DG9 0NW ...  Phone 853201

Facebook Page...Kirkcolm community council

Web Site....                                        


Blue Peter Hotel. 23 Main St, Kirkcolm, Stranraer. DG9 0NL  tel:(+44) 01776 853221   e-mail


Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel,                                  Corsewall Point, Near Kirkcolm, Stranraer. DG9 0QG            tel:(44) 01776 853220                                                                                              

Loch Connel Curling Club.... The club was started in 1844   and used to meet at the loch.  The ladies would bring soup and rolls to keep them warm.  Today they curl in the  North West Castle.


WRI meets on the 1st Wednesday in the month.                   President: Mary Gibson President 01776 853680 


The Group-Cheeky Monkeys (Primary School Age) meet in the Village Hall, Mondays 6-7.30pm.                                   Mrs Sara McCulloch  tel: 01776 853203                              


The Kirkcolm Senior Citizens Welfare Committee exists to support the elderly in the parish, and to provide them with outings and entertainment.                                     Contact: Mrs Margaret Baillie tel: 01776 853644                                             

 Community Police Officer: PC Siobhan Pellet                       tel: 08456 005701   


Kirkcolm Primary School - Headteacher Mrs Gillian Dickson tel: 01776 853232                                                                                                                                                     The School is at the edge of the village in a lovely setting.  Each year the children do a mini walk, which is seven miles long.  Some mum's and dad's do it with them and some former pupils come back and join in too.  The children are sponsored and the money goes towards school funds. 

Photos of parish life and places of interest can be seen in the photo gallery.                                                              


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