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The History of Ervie-Kirkcolm Church

The history in the Ervie-Kirkcolm area starts around the 6th century.

It was around this time St.Columba's followers arrived, and, making their home at "the Chapel of Columba", set about converting the locals to Christianity, and in time sending out missionaries to other western parts of Scotland.

Ancient churches in the area were dedicated to the following: St.Bride, Chapel of Columba, Chapel of the Virgin called Kilmorie, and St.Mary's, which is near Kilmorie, all of which testifies to the great history of the parish.

A stone from the Chapel of Kilmorie was placed over the west door of the old Kirk of Kirkcolm when it was repaired in 1719, and left in the church yard when the church was demolished in 1821. It is impossible to put an accurate date on the cross but it is thought to be around the 8th -10th century.

A photo & story of the Kilmorie Stone can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

When the old Parish Church of Kirkcolm (Kirk Of Kirkcolm), which was in the grounds of Corsewall House, was pulled down in 1821 the stone was then set up in the grounds of the house.

In the 1980's the stone was over-shadowed by trees. In the winter of 1986/87, after a storm, a large tree fell across the stone. Thankfully it was not damaged, even though it was mixed up amongst the branches.

After talks with the owners of Corsewall Estate and the help given by Scottish Heritage, the stone was moved to it's present home at the side of Ervie-Kirkcolm Church.

After the old Kirk of Kirkcolm was pulled down in 1821 a new church was built in Kirkcolm, up the hill from the old Kirk, and named Kirkcolm Parish Church. The first Minister of this church is believed to be Rev William Rose, who was inducted in 1795 and remained the Minister here in Kirkcolm until 1845.

Kirkcolm United Free Church and Leswalt United Free Church  united in 1929 and became Ervie Church.

Ervie Church was situated where the Manse now is, approx. 2 miles up the hill out of Kirkcolm, and roughly half way between the villages of Kirkcolm and Leswalt. The former manse is the large house at the side of Kirkcolm School (The Elms).

Ervie Church and Kirkcolm Church united in 1950 and became Ervie-Kirkcolm Parish Church which seats about 220 in the Sanctuary, with extra seating upstairs in the Sunrays room where the service can be heard over a loudspeaker.

In the Manse garden, a memorial tablet marks the site of Ervie Church which was finally demolished in 1970.

Ervie-Kirkcolm Parish Church linked with Leswalt Parish Church in 1985; the link becoming known as Ervie-Kirkcolm with Leswalt.

The uniting and linking can be seen in a picture in the Photo Gallery.



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